I haven’t written for a while because I was coping mentally with everything that was going on physically. Might sound like a riddle but I assure you, its a process. My new found thoughts seem to stray on wondering if I will be diagnosed with Lymphoma since I have received a secondary dissenting opinion on what I have exactly. I was supposed to go to a third specialist to try to confirm the secondary opinion but this hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had too much going on too soon to stop. I juggle like a one man circus act, the problem is my body is now rejecting this notion. So in a certain context, I take things a bit slower. I do what I can and I’m done trying to exceed myself. If I can’t run to work in the morning, I walk fast but not 100 mph on the sidewalk smacking tourists with my large tote as I pass them by.

Life is a journey my teacher said to me recently after a brief chit chat on life the other day. She said Don’t rush to finish your education and forget to enjoy life on your way to your destination. True words, since I am a manic crazy person that runs like a hamster on a wheel all day and everyday. The question is just how do you stop? How do you slow your life down when you’re used to running a marathon a day?

For now, I’m content with laughing with my friends, smiling at stupidity and trying to remain centered in a world full of chaos and in a place where even sometimes those closest to you try to drag you into the hurricane…


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