A little crazy..

I never understood why parents go nuts at their children’s schools. I always got upset and said don’t blame the teachers it’s not always the teachers. Today though I know I’m about to become one of those parents. Especially after hearing that some kids were told they would go to second grade. 

 The school work being given to children now is ridiculous. Yes, some children will ace through it others will struggle. Not every individual learns at the same pace. Now as a nation we want to cram years of education into our children to catch up with other countries and I say no. I feel like that’s a personal choice if I feel like my daughter can and should handle much more advanced work. 

My daughter typically works with me all summer long on grade packages. If she’s going to kindergarten I buy kindergarten workbooks and we work on it all summer. If she’s going into first grade I’ve already been working with her on first grade materials. The one subject my tot has been struggling with is reading. Part of which I’m beginning to wonder if it’s to do with a visual test. I got a letter today that threw me into a fit. It’s not that my daughter is entitled. It’s that I work with my daughter everyday and know what she’s both capable of and what she understands. 

I read with her and ask questions about what she’s read to make sure she comprehends. I do math with her and she’s better at math than me. She’s quick. So imagine my surprise to get a letter saying they might hold her back. I was instantly enraged. Have they tested her to make sure there is no disability? (From time to time she inverts letters) How was this determined? Her math test from yesterday was an 81. Her spelling tests are primarily good with the exception of about 2. Her math tests are in the same category. 90 something a vague 70 here there. 

Common core is bullshit. I’m against everything it stands for. When I grew up we didn’t draw charts for 1+1=2  we added the shit and learned our multiplication tables etc. do I think any of this has any life value other than to frustrate the kids? No. I’ve heard of children crying trying to take these timed bullshit exams. I personally refuse to subject my daughter to it and will exempt her. You want to test the teachers “Vaya con Dios.” Godspeed.

I guess I’m livid because I’ve raised her to be educationally orientated. The kid picks out books before toys, she plays math games and educationally oriented games. So I feel like she  doesn’t get a break. Because of that is why I opted not to even try to put her in an gifted program because I want her to be a kid. 

Her homework has consisted of 3 digit subtraction. I’m talking about 100+250+410=

I think it’s absurd. I don’t remember doing all that jazz. Without that, I was still advanced. I was in college level at 16. So I guess that’s  why I think it’s all hogwash. Education should be based on the children’s understanding of the subjects and their ability to complete it. Not how they adjust to your new pie charts and methodology. If a child can answer 1+1 by counting instead of using circles and pie charts why the hell not. Is it not the same answer? More importantly, if you think you’re failing some children you don’t announce who’s going and leave others out like a Scarlett letter. I’ll be damned…


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