The stages of beauty…

Since I was young I dressed to the 9’s even if I went to the supermarket. I could walk 5 miles in pumps to the market. I’ve gone through many phases in my life. I had plans tonight for the first time in forever. At first I threw on a dress. But then, I changed into jeans a sparkly top and a cardigan. Being comfortable in your skin means whether you’re in a thong or jeans no matter the place you’re okay with yourself. 

Case in point, I’ve always been open to new things. My best friend and her friend were friends going to a rock concert. I was in my latter 20’s. How did I show up? Smokey glasses, jeans, baby pink top with a beige covering sweater and a matching bag with heels. Did I look out of place? You think? Did I care? Not at all. I had a good time even if I did look like I belonged on the red carpet not a goth/rock event. I was comfortable with myself.  

After years of dressing up I’ll confess to you, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of suits, I’m sick of heels. A lot of this is also the culmination of years of the focus of others on my appearance. There was a point in my life that I was sick of being attractive. I was sick of people focusing on my body, my hot body, my pretty face when I was so much more than that. Let’s not builshit each other, we’re a vain society and that plays a large role in life. People are judged by their appearances. 

Leggings and jeans are my life now. I never experienced this comfort before because I was too busy dressing up for the emmys all the time. Now I find that task to tedious to be bothered with. The older I get, the more my focus becomes on peace, happiness and life. Experiencing life and for me that means removing the white noise from my life. Tonight I celebrate another year above ground. I am thankful for every second and everyone that made it such a memorable experience because I haven’t had this much fun in a while. 

So remember, live your days, enjoy your life, the rest is irrelevant. Always, always be true to yourself. 


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