Down down baby..

I’ve washed down coats before never had an issue. Now my daughters brand new North Face is clumped. I bought it to last her about 2-3 winters minimum so I spent a pretty penny. I’m panicked. I’ve googled. I think I’ve ruined her jacket. Apparently other people have had their jacket clump and you toss in a few tennis balls call it day. 

It’s midnight. I don’t have a tennis ball. I grabbed a huge children’s like soccer ball and threw it into the dryer. First it’s the panic that her father will kill me for putting the big ass ball in the front load machine. Then it’s the panic of I’ve ruined her coat that I’m not quite done paying for (thanks Macy’s) and she won’t be warm again. 

Who the fuck does this? I’ll tell you who? I do. The dryer is banging around like I’ve thrown a body in it. I think I see feathers… does this mean they’re drying? Next time I’ll leave this shit to the professionals. So long as her father hasn’t killed me, I’ll let you know if it worked. 


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