New year.. New…

I hope everyone had an amazing new year and hope that the new year brings closure, peace, new beginnings and whatever else you want. I can’t lie, from time to time I try to adopt a resolution. Simply because it’s almost like an invisible clean slate. People knock it, I say whatever works for you. Speaking of new, my resolve for the year has been to work my way towards finishing school which I’ve slightly paused on, try to spend more time on things that make me happy, and being somewhat more active but most importantly, surrounding myself around good fun people. 

Speaking of good fun people, I’ve come to realize over the years that I’ve always struggled to get along with Sagittarius signed males. It’s a miracle at this point I haven’t strangled my daughters father. Today, he proved to me why we clash. I believe in letting others live. If you think you can fly, go ahead and fly. Who am I to break your heart? Cross me, I will break you in two. But for the most part, I stay in my lane. Long story short, his coworker an aging man with health issues has decided he thinks he can still skateboard. So my significant other has decided he’s going to get him a skateboard so he can try. I think it’s partially funny but fucked up. 

Let him live I say. If he thinks he can, awesome! If he really can’t what’s the harm. And this is why we clash like titans…

So I tell you, do what you want. Even if you can’t but want to, do it. Fuck everyone who tells you any different. 


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