A silver lining..

I woke up amped up and ready to go. I went to the bathroom, started brushing my teeth when I saw it. For a second, I froze. Then I stared at it. I’ve got to admit for a second I panicked. I’m not even 34. But then I was elated. Elated that I had just seen my first of hopefully many gray hairs. I take it as a sign of wisdom. A sign that I’ve officially lived long enough to see my first gray and hopefully will live long enough to see a head full of grays and grandchildren. 

I know there’s a lot of dread over aging. I still see it as the best day ever is any day above ground we’re winning. I’ve officially survived 18 years of challenges and adversary. Maybe I’ll let my hair go devil wears Prada or salt and pepper. I’ve always loved that look. All I know is I’m greatful to be alive today and to get to see my daughter one more day. 


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