Tell Tale..

I’m brutally honest. I can talk shit with my friends but that’s my friends. I often talk a lot about doses. You know the people that you can only handle in small amounts. Although I admit that I’m no walk in the park, I’ll also admit I don’t take shit. Don’t clock me, monitor me, or try to tattle on me or you’ll find yourself in a very ugly place. The thing with me is that, if you cross me, I’ll take myself out in the process of taking you down just because. Its the equivalent of fucking with Jason on a dead end street in a pitch black block.

My bestie and I were  having a conversation about immaturity. This sparked up a whole conversation about tattle telling. At work, you have a lot of different personalities. Every now and then you get the overachiever and sometimes you get the teachers pet. No one likes the teachers pet.

This whole scenario broke out because someone asked a lot of questions. The thing is how the questions were asked that bugged me. It was the kind of questions where its like what do you care? It had to do with my hours. When I went to leave, the person in question proceeded to ask why I was still here. Okay.. why do you care? I could’ve changed my mind, I didn’t tell you when I’m leaving but do I need to? It irked the shit out of me. My response to this was are you the clock monitor? Mean perhaps, but honest I mean are you now becoming the office manager? My supervisor?

At the end of the day I answer to 2 bosses. This person is not one of them. I have my ways of doing things but I don’t infringe my authority on anyone. It never bothered me before because I hadn’t seen some signs. But this morning and yesterday, I saw some shit that let me tell you, I’m not feeling.

I will put you in your place and check you if you need a reminder. But don’t try to drop dimes on me..

You might not like the position you find yourself in with me..



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