Life lesson #20

When you’re starving you should refrain from going food shopping. I’m positive there are memes and theories on this one, but I mean it. When I first came to Pennsylvania I was captivated by Weis the local supermarket. It was like walking into the Bloomingdales of supermarkets to me. Publix in Florida is nice but this is about 4 times the size with 4 times the stuff. They have things I didn’t even know existed. 

Yesterday I was starving and decided I needed to go shop for groceries so that I could make lunch/dinner. Of course I went while I was starving. I had planned to only buy spaghetti, the sauce and meat. Yet I wound up with a loaf of raisin bread, 3 different chips, naked juices, milk(s) almond and regular, donuts and an onslaught of other crap. Long story short by the time I finished and was at the register coming in for 3 things turned into $100 worth of shit. Granted, I needed it, but not really yesterday. So yes, I eye ate shopped my way through the supermarket. I had plans for that loaf of bread you see. I’m not ashamed to say I could eat one entire loaf of raisin bread on my own. But the real lesson is, don’t go to the supermarket hungry or you will buy your way through the aisles just because you’re salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs. 


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