A chit chat..

My daughter came home last week and told me she wanted to move to Mexico. I was perplexed by this. I haven’t played the news for her because of the obvious. We have never been to Mexico so I couldn’t figure out why my 6 year old had decided she wanted to move there. I decided after spending the week following the elections in what I’d like to call “all in my feelings” to talk to her about this and to also kind of talk to her about things going on. As a parent, our job is to protect our children. But the other part of the job is to prepare them. I sat my daughter down and had a difficult discussion that included the fact that I wanted her to be able to talk to me and come to me with any problems.

I wanted her to be okay with telling me if someone was bullying her or if there was any issue. The only thing I told her was that right now, she might hear some ugly things from some dreadful people. Mean things.  I wound up crying in the middle of telling her this because I was so repulsed by having to warn my tot, that hey, some people might say some ugly things. Don’t let it change what I’ve taught you is important. I reiterated the importance of having a good heart, being smart and loving and accepting others. Something that right now, a lot of people appear to be grappling with. I can’t control the world around me, I can’t control the actions of others. But I can try to raise a decent human being with some kind of moral compass to navigate through a sea of dark and lost souls.

After our pow wow, we went to watch Trolls. It was a great movie, with an even better message. Maybe, we should lock everyone in a room and make them learn from the movie trolls.. where the message was about happiness, with a twinge of acceptance and tolerance..


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