I don’t write about certain views nor positions. I feel like some things need to be respected. Politics are always a hotbed, but I will say this. I woke up at 3:00 am this morning to horror. My worst nightmare was realized. I turned over in bed with a knot in my throat of emotion, hugged my daughter tightly and tried to fall back asleep. 

Yesterday’s electorial decision goes far beyond who is running our country. This campaign has shown us the ugly boogie monsters that have been living under our beds. They are real no matter how much we choose to pretend they don’t exist. The hatred and misogyny, the hate towards indifference of any others whether it’s based on sexual orientation or preference or religion. What angered me and broke me this morning was that people actually still try to believe that there is no racial issues. That people still want to try to shut their eyes and pretend it’s all okay. 

You have the Klan practically gallivanting down streets and people are still denying that there’s a problem. My heart broke not for myself as an adult nor for those that voted. You made your bed and we are soon to lie in it.  My heart shattered for my daughter. For the rest of the children that are the victims of our decisions or decisions that precede them. My heart shattered for the women who have come so far as a nation to possibly be set back decades. My heart shattered for the LGBTQ community that has made such strides in their rights. My heart shattered for all of the other communities that were offended and feel excluded by Donald Trump’s words. You are not alone.

I am Hispanic or Latino. Whatever category makes you feel better to check me into. I am a woman. In some senses you can call me a double minority. Today I felt as though we had just hit reset on progress. Watching a 16 year old who’s parents were deported last night during the elections while she’s here alone broke me. Because children pay a price much heavier than ours because they only deal with the hand given to them without a choice in this matter and will reap the reprecussions of our decision not today but in the future. It’s a precedent like a legal precedent in court. Today I am hugging my daughter a little harder, loving her a little bit harder. Because the world just got really fucking hard. 

The world is grieving. The questions isn’t how to unite our nation. The question is now that the boogie monster has been unleashed and we know he’s under the bed how do we face this demon that can’t be shoved back under our beds and ignored. That boogie monsters name is racism. 


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