This morning I was filled with a mixed bag of emotions. I normally struggle to wake up in the mornings. At 6:30 a.m. my alarm went off, I jumped out of bed. I raced into the shower, threw on my jeans and raced out. Last year I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference. I felt so empowered, that I actually and finally registered to vote. Maybe you’re like me, where I felt like my vote didn’t matter, it’s corrupt, blah blah. However you may have felt, all I can say is its our right. I voted this year for the first time. In a presidency where I feel like so much is hanging in the balance, I couldn’t justify sitting on my hands talking shit on the sidelines on this one. How could I not elect to use my given right to send a message. Maybe I’m just one person, but even so how could I complain if I had done nothing. If you’ve never voted, it might be a little nerve wrecking. I was afraid I would pull a Florida and vote incorrectly. Take your time, look at the choices and options and read the directions. Its like taking a high school scantron test.

As I left my daughter this morning and kissed her goodbye, I felt relief. I have spent my life fighting for the wrongs, righting the rights. I have spent my life, challenging things that I didn’t agree with even when it could cost me so much personally. Today, I did the very same thing. We are blessed as a nation. We are imperfect, but find me a perfect nation. I am thankful for the right to be able to vote even as so many argue today that our options are shit. I’m glad I have a choice to choose, or to vote, or to even voice my dismay. Some people don’t get an option. We can thank the men and women who fight for our country. God Bless America.

Wherever the road leads us, I’m glad I woke up and voted. img_1240


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