When we grow up they claim that you go through a period of wanted acceptance. Where you want to be accepted by your peers. Reflecting back, I don’t relate. In high school I was a die hard rebel. You said I had a short skirt today I’m wearing it on my neck, how’s that for short? Interestingly enough I was thinking about my social interaction. I can be as nice as a sugar cookie or as noxious as anthrax. But the funny thing is I was thinking about my significant other. We had some words the other day and he lost his mind. The interesting part to me was that even with all that I had said, wished etc. there was a part of him that looked like it wanted my approval. 

I thought to myself that’s crazy. Of course after that I also thought for sure I was a sociopath dealing with empaths. If the shoe was on the other foot I’d hope you’d get a case of the runs with no bathrooms or plumbing for acres. I thought about another lunatic that tried to sort of buy my approval. A plant? Hello kitty? Even though I shut her down at every turn and chance she would sporadically in some ways try to get my approval. That’s why I had to question if we all secretly need to be validated by someone’s approval. The harder they push us away like moths to a flame the more we run right into the fire…


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