The conflict between parenting and life..

Parenting and real life are like an oxymoron. In real life I’m an asshole. As a parent I can’t really teach my daughter to be one. She can grow up and choose to become one much like I did. But in good conscience I can’t teach her to be one. This my friends is a msssive conflict. Take for example the times I commute with her. I teach my daughter to say, please, thank you, excuse me. Sometimes on public transit though you get people hat practically throw you into the tracks. My asshole self handles these situations far more different than my parent self. 

Parent me is more reserved, have manners blah blah. Me me is more like fuck you asshole and your entire lineage too!! This is a massive conflict. The thing is, there really is a fine line between making sure she’s not a puff cream pushover and raising Rambo. As a parent, I think it’s our responsibility to try our damndest to teach them to be good citizens that are also not going to take shit but not become a league of future bullies. 

Once our kids grow up, let’s be honest the choice is strictly up to them to become who they choose to become. Our voices become the little conscience in the background. A lot like white noise..


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