Sex and the City…

I admit, I am always a late bloomer. I like things long after they are not watched, worn or liked anymore. My new obsession has become Sex and the City. I love it! The series reminds me of the Manolo hype (not that Manolo was not already well known), New York, friends and really living life. Watching Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda made me think back to my own friends and just how much I missed that circle of support. More importantly, the laughs. Having a strong and great circle of friends is amazing. Its a way to get through the tough times, laugh at the good times and talk to someone who understands you.

I’ve always been very selective with my friends. But now as a mother, my me time has become somewhat obsolete. I love my daughter, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss having some kind of life. Some people are able to balance a family, work and a personal life. I in all seriousness barely have time for any life. Between school and work and the tater tot, I don’t have the time. For the record, I’m not looking for the tv version of these characters. I’ve had these friends. I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by the brightest lights that enjoy what I enjoy, Life. Making the best out of everything. That’s what I’m looking for.

When I first moved to New York I made an incredible friend. She was and is my absolute twinkie. We met in school and literally became double trouble. I’ve made new circles of friends since then and I’m blessed to work with another twinkie, but I miss the actual hanging out, talking shit about life, laughing etc. I think that what sex and the city has really made me miss is my bestie. My bestie and I used to go out to Walmart at 10 p.m. just because, we made every situation an adventure. From exploring and seeking baby burgers, we had fun no matter what happened. I consider myself by all accounts a free spirit. I don’t consider myself to have commitment issues, I just have the attention span for love of a cake.  I have an expiration date.

The funny thing is watching sex and the city now, is that so much of the topics that Carrie covered are still important today. The pressures that plague women and the societal expectations hasn’t changed much. My favorite character? Samantha, she just does whatever she wants when she wants. (Now counting doing who she wants when she wants)


I have plenty of friends just not close by. So doing things is kind of difficult. Hopefully, I’ll start finding or making time for my own Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda again so that I have someone to share all of the life milestones with over brunch, or over in Dubai. There is nothing in this life like sharing your amazing experiences even the small accomplishments with the ones you love, your friends.


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