One of many…

Today I was talking to a colleague about my significant others venture in obtaining another property. I know I sound dismissive and I am. Because the truth is im focused on my own goals. I want nothing to do with his assets. My colleague was shocked by my brazen statement that I felt like he could drown with it all on his own. The reason? It’s easy, I’m not married to him nor do I plan on being married to him. 

The secondary reason is I know I’m going to make way more money than he will not too far in the near future. Anything I amass will go straight to my daughter. Any house etc it’s hers from me. She is my only child, there is no squabbling no problems. Money changes relationships. Inherientances bring ugly shit to the surface, especially when divided. I want my daughter to have no part in that. She has half siblings from his part. I feel like they can have his assets and fight over it. I prefer to remove myself from the situation entirely. 

I choose to work and provide for my daughter. I choose to make sure her future is secure based on my earnings. I don’t think it’s far removed or crazy to not want anything to do with someone else’s assets. I’ve told him that and made it clear. This is why a will and thinking about the future of your kids is important. We’re here today gone tomorrow. Nothing is promised. All I want is to leave my daughter okay and not have her destitute if I croak. I want her to be able to go to school and secure her own future. 

Maybe if I was married I would feel different, although somehow I doubt that. I’m pretty sure that a prenup would be signed prior to marriage and all of my future assets secured. But that’s just my way of thinking. 


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