Inappropriate much?

There has been recent social media talk about a teacher who some parents and other alike are saying her clothes are inappropriate. I have to say this. Women tear each other to shit too often, but sometimes I don’t know if it’s a generational gap or what the problem is that the real message is being missed. 

I don’t think women should be body shamed etc. but I do as an adult acknowledge that some clothing is inappropriate depending on the setting. Professional settings tend to be more demure and in part I get it. Do I have an issue with the teachers outfit? In part. I understand that if you have curves things fit you differently than someone who’s not. Case in point I had a co worker that wore skirts up to her neck. Litterally to the line of her little flat ass. It wasn’t an issue because she was model slim and no one said anything. One time I wore a dress in all my curvy glory during the summer. I got reprimanded for it being short. I have an ass what can I say. We could survey the dress on 5 chicks and it would fit each differently because of body types.  My dress was no where near short as homegirls but in their eyes mine was way more inappropriate. 

The thing is I have worked for more prominent organizations where clothing required are suits dark blah corporate. And I understand, my clothing doesn’t demonstrate my talent. So even if I showed up in a potato sack I could still be brilliant, but my clothing didn’t distract from that brilliance. As a teacher they are role models that have the power to mold the children they teach. My concern translates more towards middle and high school. 

We see time and time again story’s of teachers having inappropriate relationships. I think that establishing a boundary with attire is also a part of it. It nips that idea and fantasy kids get in their head of my teachers hot in the bud. If you’re attractive your attractive period but there is a time and a place for certain clothing. When you have hormonal raging students this can cause an unnecessary evil that’s really not necessary. It’s a confusing message to kids that are already in identity crisis with hormones and self identity. 

You tell me your thoughts. The scary thing to me is that as I watch a generation of narcissists I have to wonder how much will be deemed okay. Case in point, Kim kardashians newly adopted lingerie outerwear. Where do we draw the line…


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