Impure thoughts..

I know I’m an asshole I’ve admitted this. Now you need to admit you like assholes because we say it how it is. Today I was about to start my journey home. Yes I said journey because in a congested city that’s what it is. I hopped on my train thinking it was another train after I got a seat got off to wait for the train I thought I needed and turns out I had been on the right train all along. Nice going!!

So while I’m standing on the platform, I come face to face with an asshole. A stupid asshole. Not the kind that makes you laugh but a dumb motherfucker. Here’s why. Have you ever stood to catch the train not in the yellow line but close enough and someone parks their big ass in front of you so their practically A) on top of you and/or B) almost eating the train? This happend to me today. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t included to shove her in the tracks. Yeah I said it. The clueless mfer made me want to shove her on the tracks. I just think it’s rude as fuck. I don’t need to go anywhere that badly that I’m going to stand on top of you and eat the train at the same time. 

I just went to Starbucks and on the way home there’s always this homeless kid on the main avenue. He asked for change I ignored him and slurped my Starbucks. There is nothing physically wrong with this kid. In fact he probably looks better than me. The thing is that as I walked by I over heard him call me an asshole. I once again had the inclination to do something. This time it was to kick his teeth in where he sat. Hostile much? It’s just the point. I always help those that need help. His mother is an asshole for brining him into this world. I’m an asshole because I didn’t give you a dollar in your cup? New York is full of shelters. It’s the one state I can actually say has some kind of help. Try getting help in Florida then let’s chat. I don’t judge drug users or homeless people because you don’t know the miles they’ve walked. But who I do judge are assholes. Assholes that think their entitled. Let me tell you something no one is entitled to a god damn thing. This generation of kids is also growing up entitled and they’re in for a rude awakening. Life doesn’t owe you shit. 


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