Fight or flight..

Everyone has heard the term fight or flight. I’ve actually experienced first hand both fight and flight. I’m a strong advocate for listening to your intuition. I am convinced it will steer you always in the right direction. Many years ago during my years of pure drunkeness a great friend of mine opted to party on south beach. This was at a time when Mansion night club was the epitome of where to be and where to be seen. Long story short, imagine two very well dressed girls in 4″ heels. My friend is already about 5’7 at least sans heels. So here we are dressed to the nines and we’re walking about 5 establishments past Mansion when shots break out. 

Now let me explain. I’m odd. I can assess situations in seconds. While your thinking I’ve already processed the entire situation. So after hearing shots my thought process was: this person just shot in front of a crowd of about 200 people. The sirens were getting closer. This person is the type of person that would likely engage in a stand off and not give two fucks because they just shot in front of two hundred people that saw them.

I turned in runners position to glance back and took off. This litterally happend in seconds. I didn’t say anything to my friend or the guy we were chatting with. In the time I turned around everyone had hit the floor. We sprinted about 3 blocks and 2 blocks over. My friend couldn’t even speak and  it was hilarious. In fact, I died laughing when she stuttered through what was happening.

This is a prime example of when I just knew it better to choose flight vs. fight. The other day however at about 8 p.m. I came home after driving to Walmart and found about 3 males going through my bushes. My instinct was to fight. My adrenaline was pumping as I rolled down my window and proceeded to ask them in the pitch black darkness if I could help them. I had a die hard reaction to fight. I had my step daughter in my car so I felt the need to minimize my reaction. I was still firm in reaction but tamed it down a notch instead of coming outside with a bat in my hand. 

The point is that your instinct will always guide you. That bad feeling on a lonely train and that one lonely person on that train with you, that’s instinct. Your alarms are blazing like the Wild West, heed that. When you’ve been lied to and deceived and your guts telling you your being lied to, those are the bells and whistles going off. But don’t confuse insecurity with instinct. Sometimes unintentionally we create scenarios out of pieces that look like a whole picture but sometimes we’ve made that shit up. 

 My instinct has never lead me wrong in fact I’ve done more harm than good by not listening. So after years of learning my intuition and its power I let it guide me. I allow my third eye to empower my judgement. Because if it feels bad it’s likely bad. 


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