Half full or half empty..

My cups always half full, especially when it comes to my lover Benjamin. I know I’m going to be making a ton of money very shortly. Not enough for my likes, but enough to move closer to my six figure goal. I don’t know, I’m not defensive but I hate when people have near sightedness. Just because I’m in this place now doesn’t mean I will always be. Like I always say, everything in life is only as temporary as you make it. And I love Benjamin’s green eyes. 

Today I was discussing the prospects of my daughter attending private schools after this year hiatus. The response was am I loaded? No do I have to be now? Her tuition is about 4K. Manageable for the time being but not while I finish a few terms of school. Long run, I’ll make more than enough to cover her education, short term, homegirls going to public school. My point is that I have one belief in this life. Financial advisors may frown upon this but I feel very strongly that I don’t need to adjust my life, it just means that I need to make more money plain and simple. So even if I was making 100k right this minute my attitude would be make more money to spend more not minimize and budget on what I’ve got. Double, triple up the flow of money. 

I’ve heard the same negative remarks about law firms. Everyone wants to act like working at a big law firm is this huge feat and I scoff at the notion. I’m not sure if maybe I hit my head as a kid, I was dropped on my head or what, but all I can say is you get what you want if you want it bad enough. Stop focusing on him or her. I’ve never looked at what anyone was doing. Because first of all I didn’t give a fuck, second of all its not doing nothing for me. If it’s not making me money it’s not making sense to me.


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