Justice is elusive..

I’ve always understood that the definition of justice is elusive. I’m not talking about the bullshit they fill your head with in law school. The theory that it’s better to let one guilty person walk to make sure one innocent isn’t prosecuted vs. letting one innocent rot to make sure the guilty are locked up. I know it sounds cruel and I hate that sometimes innocent people are locked up but in my view I’d rather one innocent go to jail rather than allowing a single guilty to walk. A colleague of mine has said he thinks it’s better 3,000 guilty walk out in our streets than to convict one innocent. I vote that circumstance a term I refer to as unfortunate collateral damage. Of course sometimes it’s obvious that someone’s innocent. In those instances I don’t think the case should be pursued much less convicted.i think it’s disgusting the way some innocent people are convicted.  You have corrupt prosecutors and judges that blindly prosecute someone who’s clearly innocent. I’m not talking about that, that’s injustice in every aspect. Let’s not even forget the role that race has played in the justice system. The number of minorities that were and are wrongfully convicted. The thing is people like to believe lady justice is blind, she’s truly neutral, but that’s a  bold faced lie. She’s biased. We’ve seen this in the way minority’s have been punished in comparison to our counterparts. Want an example? The affluenza teen and the Central Park 5. Granted, I’ve given you two different issues, but what I am giving you is guilty vs. innocent the key difference. I’m not sitting here trying to compare the parameters of a medical malpractice case vs. a car accident, apple and oranges.

I am all for justice and vindication. Maybe it’s my horoscope sign (Capricorn), maybe it’s a personality thing. I believe in right and wrong. The gray middle I’ve never really understood. I don’t believe in lies. I believe in telling the truth no matter the consequences, no matter who it hurts, no matter the end result. I’ve always been able to deal with my consequences. The bitch ass way to me is to not own your shit. Trust me, there’s been times and things I’ve done that could’ve merited some sort of consequence and yet I’ve offered to handle the situation myself. I don’t believe justice is one sided when it comes to who is on the receiving end. When I say I’ll pull that switch on capital punishment I don’t say it with exception. People like to talk shit about how people should be punished when they read the news until they’re on the other side and it’s their family. Then they want to sing a different song. I don’t. Even if it’s my mother, my daughter, my son, my father. Wrong is wrong. I’d pull the switch on you too. It doesn’t mean I’m heartless and don’t love you. It just means I’m objective enough to understand that the circumstances don’t change the consequence. Because it’s personal doesn’t mean I get to pick and choose that it suddenly isn’t applicable. To me, it’s applicable to everyone with no indifference.

I love it when people who don’t understand psychopaths are against capital punishment. Psychopaths have been able to snow the professionals. Yet, you somehow are qualified to deem this person able to be rehabilitated? They are charming and cunning. Ted Bundy, is a prime example. He escaped how many times before they finally put him down. Please tell me how we’d reform him? Medicate him for life until he finally out smarted someone and escaped again? He deserved the death sentence. People think everyone is able to be rehabilitated. I counter and argue that’s not accurate. Taking Eric from columbine as another prime example, he passed his program for his transgression with flying colors. He had everyone believing he had learned his “lesson.” Articulate and intelligent he had everyone fooled. Just because someone commits a crime doesn’t make them stupid. In fact, some offenders are smarter than you and I put together. So yes, some of these criminals I think deserve good old sparky.

I’ve known my path would be one of success but one of unhappiness. I knew that being a lawyer I would kill it. But I also knew that with that success I would be unhappy. Unhappy at my inability to bring true justice to those who deserve it, because yes I believe justice can be elusive.. Ghandi  has said that an eye for an eye leaves the world blind. Sometimes I think that’s a necessary evil. It doesn’t rectify everything, it doesn’t bring back our loved ones, it doesn’t fix the emotional void left behind. But it does bring closure, it can end what could be a perpetual cycle of violence to a complete end. For those that can be salvaged and rehabilitated they should be. But for those who can’t well you know what I say. The idea of pure justice is sometimes just that. A fairy tale veiled behind an imaginary heroine that prevails and brings justice. But what exactly is justice, who determines the measure of justice? Laws written before the advancement of technology and  any other type of societal advancement (medicine, technological, etc)?



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