Off with her head…

One of my favorite characters in any story of all stories is the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland. “Off with her head! She shouts.” My idea of justice sometimes borders this train of thought. I like to think that I am fair and understanding and just. Sometimes I question if God has not put me in more power because heads would roll under my leadership. Had this been games of thrones I would be Daenerys meets Joefry with her enemies.  Heads on a stick. I believe in accountability. I believe that we are all able to acknowledge our wrongs and own them. My Achilles in life? Those that cannot own their fuck ups. I can accept accidents, I can accept mistakes. I do not accept a lack of atonement. 

When Miguel died there was a point where the responsible party tried to act crazy. When I first heard about it I was in a fit of pure rage. I wanted to be locked into a room with him and tear him limb from limb with my bare hands. I wanted to show him crazy. The real lunacy that is brought on by rage and grief caused by his destruction. When I’m angry I transform. It’s rage that takes over. If he had admitted guilt, accepted his fate I would’ve been okay with that. The fact is, to me the moment he took a life it became #phuckyofeelings. 

After Miguel died let’s not forget the couple that was expecting and was killed in Brooklyn. It was a horrifying tragedy that didn’t have to happen. This is something that happens all to often. We need stricter laws on accidents where the responsible party leaves the scene of a crime. If it results in death, the punishment should be even more harsher. We need to deter the behavior that results from these crimes. In cities like New York, Chicago there is alternate transportation. You can hop a train, a bus, a cab so there is no excuse. You drove drunk and made a choice. The repeat offenders are even worst. At the second DUI you shouldn’t even pass go. Have a problem? Sentence them to rehab and jail time. Just because you didn’t kill someone this time doesn’t mean that in a year or months or even years after you forget this incident you won’t think you’re okay to drive and do it again. I believe a small percent of people might learn but my odds have a lot more money on you’ll do it again especially if you ran. What really fuels my fire is that in a lot of these cases the person responsible isn’t hurt. It’s our innocent community that pays the price and sometimes with their lives. If you want to die by all means go ahead.

If the motherfucker who hit our car had flown through his own window last night vaya con dios. Go with God. That was your stupid choice, deal with your own ramifications. I hope he’s hurting today. I hope he fucked his face up, broke a few ribs because I know I want to knock the stuffing out of him. I’ll tell you something, I used to party I never drove shitfaced. I normally had a few early on, ate and by sun up I was sober to drive. If we were a group sometimes I played designated driver. The one time I was a fucking idiot and drove over tipsy I lived 5 driving minutes from the club. In the morning I scared the fuck out of myself so badly that never again. I didn’t crash, I didn’t hurt anyone but I did park like a lunatic. It was enough to make me say oh shit this isn’t even funny, I could’ve maybe hurt someone. Never again. 

I just hope that the families of victims of drunk drivers will just use those emotions to fuel their path to fight for justice. I do plan on sending a few letters to assembly members, senators, the mayor, any motherfucker that will listen to me. Because something has to change and unless we rise up and say we need change nothing will change. Our loved ones don’t deserve and didn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of some selfish prick that didn’t use common sense because a good time overrode the common decency of others. 


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