That time of year again.. (Back to School)

It’s my favorite time of year again. Okay that was an exaggeration of epic proportions. My tiny tot is going back to school soon. I would be lying if I said that I was excited for her. This is about to be her transition to public school. I can’t lie I’m nervous. It was something I had to do, there was no way I could foot the bill for her private school and finish my last two quarters of school. Long run, she’ll be better off. Short run, I’m scared shitless. My one huge pep peeves are the school supply lists. I suppose that since private schools you pay, their lists are simply for your children, your not supplying an entire class. When I saw the significant others other kids lists my jaw would drop. It was always like you were supplying the entire class. I have gripes with that. I understand some kids don’t have supplies. Maybe I’m an asshole, but I feel like if you can’t provide your kid with the basic supplies, how is it my job to supply them? I had one child and one child only. First of all, kids are hard work, second of all, financially I knew I could do way better for her alone then to split and have to share finances with a second child. I knew I would be able to give her piano, or ballet etc instead of splitting my already hectic work schedule between twice the recitals and double the financial responsibility. So that shit pisses me off.

The school supply list is just nuts, and as of lately its clearly making headlines because other parents feel the same way. Everyone thinks its a matter of community. We chip in and we help. But have you stopped and asked yourself why that is? Why are we contributing to our schools when we are one of the “richest” nations. Where is the tax money that is supposed to be invested in our communities? Schools can’t afford cleaning supplies?  What’s next buying toilet paper a roll at a time? I have no problem contributing to my daughters education and getting her everything that she needs, but I don’t think I should be responsible to provide for the community of kids that can’t get school supplies. Parenting is a responsibility I took very serious. I knew I needed to make adjustments and its been the baby’s world since she was born and I think that everyone should be responsible for their own kids.



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