We like to think that our society has progressed. Sometimes I think that not reflecting on our recent past is a way of dismissing things or not coping with the fact that some historical issues are not that far gone. A way of feeling better about our past. 

While at lunch the other day I found a sign. I was floored, it said that until 1975 women were only hired as cashiers not waitresses. I thought that was utterly sexist. Then I got to thinking about my first job at the supermarket. I was a cashier and 99% of them were all women and men were bag boys. I never thought about that until that blessed sign.  But it was the year that floored me. 1975 may sound like it was ions ago but it really isn’t. That led me to remember my recent American history class.  Property Laws became more relevant around 1882, giving women some control over wills, probated, estate matters, etc. Birth control was another hot topic, that was not a right that was given to everyone. Birth control believe it or not became available to everyone again around the 70’s. 

I started thinking about way back when, when women worked in brothels much like women are pimped out today. How many wives did King Henry have? 6 was it? With a couple executed, a few deaths in between? Maybe a few kids from the mistresses or today as we’d call them th side chick. 

The fact remains that women’s rights were only shortly ago implemented. The property laws, the allocation of rights over inheritance and of course the right to vote. Seeing that “fun fact” brought me right back to last years women’s symposium where prominent women discussed the battle of being a woman in senate, in assembly or other political positions. The message goes further to say that the battle for the rights that we have is not over, that in fact everyday these women fight to make sure that we have rights to choose, to give life or not, to vote, and all of the privileges that we didn’t have not so long ago. 

I can’t imagine having lived in the past, I can’t imagine being told who to marry, when to marry and what to do. I’m happy to do what I want today and to be what I want to be and do exactly the same, what I want. 

I encourage my daughter to succeed, to never limit herself to anything. If she wants to become president work for it and do it. No matter how many times you hear no try, prevail. I’m glad I’m a woman. We’re tough and resilient and we often times don’t get enough credit for everything we go through or can do, our skills or our abilities. So today here’s a shout out to all women. Go on with your bad ass self.  Let’s start building each other up instead of tearing each other apart, because the women before us paid hell to get to where we are today. 


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