Patience is a Virtue..

They say patience is a virtue, it may be just that but it’s harder to practice than it is to say those words out loud. Instant gratification feels temporarily better than waiting. Living in New York, I feel like your patience, will and endurance are constantly tested. Recently, I had taken my tot to work with me. On the way home there is a station with an escalator. Yes, yes, I get it we live in New York, running 1,000 miles a minute. We took the escalator down so that my daughter would not have to walk. I had an asshole of epic proportions behind me talking shit about us standing on the one person escalator. There was another person in front of me anyhow so where did he propose we go? I had thoughts of tripping him down the escalator, or telling him to go fuck himself, but again I was with my tot. I try to limit the amount of outbursts I have in front of her. I would be lying if he hadn’t tested me in ways that really test out that self professed personality disorder.

Every morning, you hop on that train is a test of patience. The question is, are you willing to try and exercise tolerance and indifference’s in others? You can meet someone who is like the asshole in exhibit A, but will you exercise your patience to that indifference? I say this a lot, dealing with people is difficult. It can be interesting but it’s hard. Yesterday, on the way home I almost tackled about 6 people. Why? They walk in groups around the city and shit. There’s no space. Move over or I’ll move you. One of the two. I’m not walking into a pole because your a douche bag with a conversation that can’t continue when you have space to walk in a herd. Clearly, I was not practicing patience then. This morning on the way to work, I kicked someones dog. No not on purpose, no animal cruelty here. This guy was walking behind me hurries past me. His dog trying to keep up almost wound up under my feet. I’m glad the douche could run but his little minion couldn’t. I could’ve tripped over him. That my friends is why I’m writing about patience. We’re oblivious and desensitized by lack of actual interaction. Kids think you spell the way you text, we’re becoming a robotic society where you are an asshole behind your screen and keys and it translates into life, because we’re losing the value of communication and interaction. I had someone one time almost barrel down the stairs and take down my then 3 year old. What should kids stay home because your dumb ass can’t miss a train? I flipped and lost it. I wanted to tear that woman apart with my bare hands. It was absolute stupidity. My daughter was small yes, but I was standing behind her helping her walk upstairs. My fave tale of course is the woman who fell on the platform after shoving me to get onto the train. Guess what? She broke her ass and didn’t get on that train. A little patience..

I can’t say that I’m patient, hello I thought about sending someone flying down an escalator and came damn close to tripping someone down some stairs a few times. But what I am saying, is that I am going to try to practice patience. If I don’t get what I want, here and now like a downloaded app, I will try to be calm and try to understand that it’s okay. Not everything in life is as quick as an iTunes download.




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