Stupid people doing important shi…

I’ve always said this, since before the dinosaurs roamed. I hate stupid people that do important jobs. In fact, I’m not even sure how we put people like that in charge of important shit. I just don’t. I talk to people on a daily basis and I often have to wonder, how on god’s green earth did you manage to shower and not kill yourself in the process, or how did you manage to even tie your shoes this morning. Yes, it might sound mean, but we’ve all met these people. Whether it’s at the DMV, the IRS, Immigration, at the Supermarket, somewhere where we’ve needed something important done and we are basically telling them how to do their job. Yeah, it may not be nice to call people stupid, but lets be honest, there really are some dumb motherfuckers in life.

I have no issues or qualms to walk people through the process of anything or to clarify what I mean. I will do anything to help relay things to someone who might be new, or who doesn’t understand me. But what I hate, are stupid people that don’t get a word of what your saying and then think they can shut you down by either hanging up or repeating their stupidity. Saying dumb shit over and over doesn’t fix the problem, you just sound stupider and stupider with every word.  I have a story about stupidity from a long time ago. It involves a pair of pants that I beat against a column in a full on rage over a cashier that told me I wore the god damn pants with the tags on, the thing about that tale was she told the manager over the phone that, there was a lady returning a pair of pants with the tags on that she wore. Of course, the manager said no, she said I wore them when I didn’t. Starting off a conversation like that is obviously going to be a no. Long story short, I lost my everlasting shit.  It was the most ludicrous experience in my life. Today, I was dealing with something important for a client of mine. Him being a genuinely good person, I go hard for the good guys. I was trying to resolve his issue and only wound up almost breaking my phone by slamming it to infinity and beyond. I got 2 dumb motherfuckers, and 1 smart person and not in the order that I needed either. If I had gotten 2 dumb motherfuckers first and then the smart person last, I would be sitting here with my answers.

The thing is,  I’ve seen managers hire crazy people, lazy people, but stupid people? Maybe we need to do more than check for  a pulse and or a heart rate before hiring anyone, maybe a little common sense pop quiz can determine, hey.. you know what John really sucks as a candidate, he might not work out very well because well.. he’s not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box..

If you don’t know something for the love of God, just ask..






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