Cold hearted snake..

I’ve been accused of a lot of things, being pleasant really isn’t one of them. I can be agreeable, funny, and nice. It just depends. People think that I joke that I have a personality disorder, no I assure you I do. Diagnosed or not, I know I’m not wired like everyone else. A perfect example was this weekend at that wedding we just covered. I saw someone from the past who had mistaken me for a fool a few times, that is until I put an end to that. This person had the habit of talking crazy to me. In fact, I think I mentioned her in one of my past blogs about work. The icing on that cake is that she did some real shady shit not only to me but to a dear dear friend. That’s one thing about me, you don’t fuck with my friends. It’s just not a good idea, because I hold a mean grudge for life. You may think, that I forget but I promise you I don’t.

So to explain to you the source of my evil allow me the opportunity to explain my venom. A meeting had taken place and this friend of mine is genuinely a good person. Like I mean church going, honest a good person. Long story short, my friend got her asshole ripped apart over a case that she didn’t even remember anything about. That case belonged to asshole A. The whole thing is that while she was getting yelled at, asshole A said nothing. Not a word. As soon as they walked out, she admitted the case was hers. That is some shady ass shit. After I left that place, she tried to blame me for a case that there was something wrong with. Turns out it was hers. That story is a little bit funnier but we’ll come back to that at another point. The point is, that this woman is not in my good graces. Social norms will have you believe that you must engage and be polite at social gatherings..

My norm is to ignore you. We don’t speak, you don’t give a shit about me, I’ll say hello, let’s keep it moving. I don’t see the reason to chit chat, do you? She came to say hello, where I gave her a very terse and cold hello. Let’s be honest, did you think I was going to engage? I could literally pee my pants crying from laughing so hard. The answer is no. I’m the  type of bitch that if I hate you, just pray you don’t need help when I’m around. Because if you need someone to call 911..  Jay-z said it best, I feel sorry for you son because I got 99 problems and you ain’t one. I don’t do shady. I will not indulge you, or acknowledge or feed into your bullshit. I can’t help it. Since I was young, I couldn’t sit down and eat at a table with someone I knew I disliked and I’m sure had the same concurring opinion. It just didn’t sit right with me. I liked to surround myself with people I could trust, that I held in high regard, good people. The rest? Could just sit outside and watch like puppies in a window. I guess I am a cold hearted snake… (Paula Abdul)


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