For whom the bells toll…

This weekend I had the blessed opportunity to join a friend in celebrating her marriage.  I got to attend an amazing evening. Our friend was radiant and it was an honor to be there. When you know someone is genuinely a good person you wish them all the best and know that they deserve happiness so its a blessing to get to enjoy that special moment with them. We all know there are far and few in between good people left in this world but thank god for the ones that do exist.

We as in my friend and I, arrived to the ceremony which was an emotional one. When you know someone so well and know how deserving they are of happiness it truly is an emotionally evoking moment. Following the ceremony, we got to the reception and found out it was kind of a dry party. There was a bar that only took cash, that of which none of us had. So we opted to find a liquor store. Siri isn’t the greatest navigator so we had no idea that we were going the wrong way until about 3 minutes into our walk. Now I don’t know anything about New Jersey including that unmarked police cars pull up like creeps. I’m sorry not sorry but I’m from New York and here we ignore people and lunatics so that’s just a normal reaction to ignore crazy people. As we’re walking down the street laughing because like bad children we got caught by the bride leaving the reception but motioning we’ll be right back and reminiscing on all our fun working together and crazy stories,  a car comes to a creep besides us. Now,  I lived in Florida. In all fairness, the only people that pulled up beside you were creepers beating off to their own perversion. So back to the car, we’re walking and  I hear from the car, is there a party going on around here? I look directly at the person and look away. We all pretty much ignored him. His tone changed a bit and he was like excuse me, is there a party somewhere? We all finally responded and said there was a wedding nearby, I at this time now realizing he is an officer. Apparently one of us three stooges, knew that he was an undercover.

With our response, he left us to our adventure to try and find a liquor store like Harold and Kumar trying to find White Castle. We finally or rather Donna realizes that we’re going the wrong way and we turn around. We find the liquor store and are met with an interesting character or characters. One who wanted us to have his helper give us the goods. Now, I like to actually look at what I’m shopping for. He didn’t want us to touch anything in the store. I’m not sure what kind of circus acts hes watched, but its three women in a liquor store with fitted dresses small bags, where were we going to stash the goods?  We finally were able to secure our goods and went to stash it in a seltzer water in the back alley of the liquor store (as if we clearly weren’t already being assessed as strange and suspicious) and we returned to the celebration. At the wedding, my bracelet broke. Now, call me superstitious but I’ve always been told that if something breaks randomly its the sign that something bad was going to happen but now it wont. I can’t lie, I had an ominous feeling after that. After we left the party, while getting in my car, I cracked my phone into 239848394 pieces. So now I get to play the dangerous game of dialing without cutting my finger. On the way home I got lost on about 158th street in uptown Manhattan. It was nuts. The GPS kept looping me around and around. I narrowly missed getting into an accident. I finally opted to drive down Broadway and head towards Harlem. I almost got ass packed by a bus. I was so livid I was screaming at the bus driver behind me out the window. He’s a bus driver for gods sake. When I finally reached home around 1:30 a.m. or so God was with me because I immediately found a parking. The crazy part of the night? I found out the morning after that I had narrowly missed a robbery that happend the building next to mine.

So maybe it is superstitious or maybe there is merit. All I know is that I had a great night, near sideswipes, crazy liquor store clerks and broken phone or not. I haven’t laughed like that in a while. You know the laugh, like a seal barking.



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