How much is it worth…

Peace of mind is something that is priceless. We obviously know that we need money to survive and to be able to live. The question is at what price do you sacrifice yourself to obtain what you want. I think I’ve talked about my love for law since I could remember. The thing is I’m good at it. I’m heartless and ruthless in a way that makes me fight as if I’m fighting for my life. 

When I draft an argument for a good client I take it as a personal attack and I will literally come for you with everything I can. The problem has always been that I know from the bottom of my heart that I won’t be happy. I know I’m fully capable of generating a nice income but I won’t feel fulfilled. Yet, I’ve continued down this road. Now that I’m at the cross road, all I feel is dread and anxiety. Anxiety that my entire life will remain confined to a stressful box. The unhappiness I’ve seen for years fills me with utter despair to break into another industry, because what I want in part is peace. The past few weeks have been filled with full on anxiety, where I barely want to get off the train. I literally have contemplated not coming back from lunch or worst yet going back home. If you’ve never experienced anxiety, it’s like a bird cage rattling in your chest, your heart is racing and all you feel is a reminisce of flight or fight. 

I’m not sure where my journey will take me, but all I know is that I pray to find the peace and solice of enjoying what I do and helping others in the process… 


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