Return of the Jedi..

Going back to the chronicles of work life, I left off with getting the opportunity by an attorney who valued and appreciated me but more importantly was an amazing human being. This attorney put in a word for me with a firm looking to hire a receptionist. I loved the partners, and the attorneys. This is the stage of my life where I discovered that sometimes you wind up with good co workers and shitty administration, or shitty co workers decent bosses or good work people but demonic clients. I have a strong aversion to the very first two scenarios. I prefer evil clients, hands down. 

Joining that place was rough. It was full of seasoned legal secretaries with 20+ years under their belt. Plus it was like pack mentality. They were not acceptable of the younger ones and wanted to maintain things the way they did it. At one point, I snapped on the little evil ring leader. For me, it’s whatever, I can thrive in those environments because I know people like that aren’t shit. In high school those wanna be thug bitches were the ones I loved putting my hands on. Bullying doesn’t make you tough, you’re an asshole. And if I could fuck you up for it I would to show you you aren’t shit picking on someone who can’t defend themselves. We had a secretary that was older about their age. This poor woman had suffered a stroke at some point and had a gait when she walked. They made her life a living breathing nightmare and it pissed me off. 

I often asked her why the hell she stayed and can I tell you her response has lived with me for the last 15 years. She said because I’m older it’s hard for me to get something else. In summation it was the fear. The fear of not being able to make money, the need to survive financially out weighed her mental anguish. I remember that breaking my heart. She was an amazing person, genuine something that’s hard to find today. During one of the Hurricanes I  had left up north. It was supposed to be a bad storm. It was my first hurricane on my own. Long story short two days after the storm they ate me alive for leaving the state. At that point I opted to make moves and get out of dodge. Which is exactly what I did. The irony? I went to work a few buildings down. But from that experience I took a lot. More importantly, I did six months to not make my referrer look bad. Gave my notice and left as amicably as humanly possible. I can’t tell you what a relief that was. Little did I know life was preparing me for what lies ahead, which in comparison these experiences were light weight….


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