How to make an adult scream..

I’ve got to love my toddler/kid. First over the weekend she nearly Mickey mantle killed me with a blow to the forehead. My darling sweet pea thought it was a great idea to throw a solar disco light out of her way. Of course, I happened to turn around and catch it with my blessed forehead. The first knot of my life caused by a 5 year old. Well played…

Yesterday when I came home I jumped in the shower. Now I thought I heard the distinct sound of a palmetto bug. I can’t explain but living in Florida for a while I’m like the palmetto bug whisperer. I searched like Indiana Jones searching for the lost arc and found nothing. So I proceeded to jump in the shower. About 5 minutes in a head full of shampoo and an ass full of soap I saw something fall from the top of the curtain. I thought it was just my imagination. When I look down another 30 seconds later I found the palmetto in the shower with me. To tell you I beat out Mariah Carey’s sopranos on her best day is an understatement. I jumped and ran and I’m surprised I didn’t kill myself screaming and jumping in a soapy shower.

The beauty of this story is my 5 year old heard my screams but didn’t tell her father. Well played… I of course got him to deal with the culprit. Meanwhile shampoo is all over the place and I’m practically chafing bubbles out of my ass with every step. It just floored me that my kid heard me screaming and she calmly tells me oh I heard you and she mimics my screams. But didn’t think to check or tell her dad.. Wonder we she gets that from…


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