Back to the work chronicles..

Yesterday, we veered left on a whole entire different ball game. Today, I’m back to talk about the gripes of dealing with others for the majority of your day. Think about it, are you at home more or at work? Over the years, I’ve learned I can tolerate just about anyone professionally. It’s the people who think that we need to be biffle’s to work together that have life fucked up. I don’t like many people, my tastes in friends are very distinguished. I like honesty, respect and value the friendship of those that can tell me, hey you’re an asshole!

Over the years after I left the retail field I moved into working at my first office job. I think I was about 19 when I landed that job. I enjoyed working at the small office, we were a team. It was the first door to open a huge amount of other doors. I handled reception and legal work. Our clients weren’t nasty, they were all professionals and for the most part everything was smooth. We had hired another body that joined about the same time as I did. She didn’t work out quite as well. She spent a lurid amount of time on personal phone calls in the northern region of the state, would prop her feet on her desk while doing this btw, and she would cry when my boss would go ham.

I was amused by his yelling. In fact, I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud literally a few times over his rants. They were funny. The key of his wisdom? Develop thick skin, if not they’ll eat you alive. He was right, because having thick skin translates across your entire life. I stayed with this program for about 2 years. We, myself included then hired another girl, who in all honesty had great qualifications she seemed great, until about a month in every morning she would call at 9 on the dot to say she was running late. This became a habit, then it became doing homework at work on the clock. Eventually, she ran off after having her hours cut because we slowed down. As the work was winding down, I opted to look for a new job.


That’s where the fun really began. I landed a job with a much larger office. About a good 30 people. Now I believe in Karma, which probably starkly contrasts my very own sociopathic unemotional traits, but I do. I like to do good when I want to do good. I landed this job as a receptionist handling about 20 phone lines. I also handled billing insurances. One person in particular was probably a full on socio/psycho. He was the embodiment of everything evil. I wasn’t entirely a fan of the job but it was what I landed and the money was descent. The thing was they failed to tell me after leaving my job of 2 years that they were closing up shop. A month later, they announced bankruptcy everyone was done. I was young at the time so I wasn’t that phased by the news as so much as I was angry I left my other job when they were drowning. My last day they held everyone’s checks until the end of the day as some sort of security that we would work our full day. Me? I had other ideas, I was in charge of putting postage on the envelopes. So about half of those bitches went out with out postage. So yes, you held my check hostage, but now you can fuck off with your mail that will never go anywhere while you battle bankruptcy.

I was fortunate to have someone vouch for me and I landed a new job… however sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions as a great and wise friend once said..



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