Where it all began..

I started off working at the ripe age of 14 as a bag girl. Back then, 15 was when you could become a cashier. So I would pack all the groceries and carry out the bags for every customer even in the sweltering heat. The elderly crowd typically were the quarter tippers. If you were lucky, you made a few bucks in tips on top of the 40 bucks a month you probably earned. 

I can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it. I did my job as best as I could. Once I became a cashier I dealt with a different type of crowd. No one gives the nagger shit. The cashier on the other hand whole other ball game. You’ve got the couponers even back then fighting you for .10 cents. Etc. I can’t say that’s where I met the worst set of people but I can tell you I had some bad customers. Of course my get back was easy. As a cashier I was able to take a large order and scan some of your shit twice by zooming your order. 

I don’t care the industry, if your an asshole their getting even somehow, someway. I actually lasted a few years doing this until one day I decided to move on. From there I went to work in the pharmacy. And that was an interesting place and you’ll soon learn why. 


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