The blue pill or the red pill..

Working in the pharmacy was great. I was about 16 years old and lasted about a year and half. For me, a person who loves to learn, I made the pharmacy my learning room. I’m not sure what the requirements are today but I did pharmacy tech work. Dispensing the pills, counting them out and getting them ready for the pharmacist, transcribing the scripts into the system etc. My favorite part was reading the labels. Although I don’t recall many of the medications having horrible side effects like today. I do remember one dietary pill that would give you potential butt hole leaks. 

I was horrified that anyone would be prescribed that. My co-workers were great. Until we got Karam. Karam was utterly creepy with his piercing eyes. He had serious balding but he just gave you the Jeebies and his demeanor was even worst than his looks or the preying look he gave you. My best friend had gotten a job there and got to know exactly what I meant about him. He was like one of Paslov’s salivating dogs over the god damn bell. We were the bells. Today that might be sexual harassment especially towards under age girls, back then I just told him to go fuck himself. 

One day I lost it on him and I wound up miracle of all miracles transferred to another store. But during my time there, I was exposed to pill poppers. Poor addicts that probably hocked, sold, and or used every pill prescribed. 

They would fight you to the death to try and get their C2 pills a week early. C2 was what we called the controlled substance like oxycodone and other pills that were carefully locked away and counted like they were diamonds. I did feel bad, because a lot of the customers that were addicted didn’t even realize they had a problem. Post surgery, or accident addicts. I still feel bad for them today because I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a clue what hit them and derailed their lives. It started with one little pill.. 


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