Work, Life flow..

Everyone’s looking for a balance. That equivocal Google work life balance. Whether it’s managing your kids and career or just to manage your busy life, we’re all looking to stop running around the wheel like trapped hamsters. Normally I’m uber vocal on how I feel. When I choose to be silent it means I’m on some other shit and I’m done. If I cared I’ve stopped. Emotions out enter nothingness. 

This morning I was thinking about the stark difference in commute in Florida vs commuting in New York Flying down I-95 doing 90 pulling “clean sweeps”. I miss that. What’s a clean sweep? When you cross five lanes in one swift motion right across. I miss the peace of my own thoughts. 

Work is probably one of the biggest tests of your patience, will and endurance. It’s like big brother or surviver but the reality of your everyday life. Your trapped with anywhere from 4- 100+ people with distinct personalities. That’s the secret challenge. How will you survive amongst sociopaths, empaths, assholes and everyone in between. If you’re lucky you like who you work with. If you don’t you’re fucked. Dante’s inferno will look like a cupcake factory in comparison and I sympathize. I’ve been there too many times to count. 

So this morning, that I’m in a questionable mood. I miss hitting 90 flying down 95 with the sun beaming with thoughts of where I could drive. It’s liberating to be honest. Before making the move to New York, and in the transition period where I hated Florida that’s what I did. Contemplate driving off and never looking back. 

So these coming weeks are going to be about all those sordid tales, that maybe you can relate to. Because today I’ve decided I’m ready for change. 


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