Access Denied..

I saw a meme that intrigued me. It was about how the captionist (yes, another made up word) said that they would be the type of wife where her husband couldn’t speak to another woman. Granted, for the sake of both comedic relief and sarcasm, it said if he got lost he better ask Jesus for guidance. The irony is that I’ve known these women. They do actually exist in the world. The one’s that think that by setting rules, guidelines and punishment towards their significant others, they could somehow avoid being cheated on. In true form, I scoff at that notion. You can’t force anyone to want to be with you or to fight the temptations especially when you’re running Rikers at home with an adult counterpart as your bitch mate in cell block H. It just doesn’t fly.

If your spouse wants to cheat on you, cameras rolling, surveillance in place, no matter what you do, they’re going to do it. It just means they’ll be even more discreet if that’s even possible.  I  unlike others am not surprised by what others do, in fact very few and far in between cases can I say someone has surprised me to think more highly of them. Because I believe that all people are capable of anything. Given the right circumstances, timing, condition, etc.

All I know is I’m not cut out to be anyone’s parole officer. The women I’ve known who’ve done this sound utterly miserable jumping out of bushes, parachuting off buildings to spy and shit and make sure their man isn’t cheating. If you’re my significant other C’est la vie. You want to leave, you see the front door it hasn’t moved from it’s main location. You want to cheat, there is nothing that I can do to stop you from choosing to do what you want. We all have free will, we know right from wrong and can make our own decisions free from the influence of others. If that’s the path that we choose.. well then that’s what we choose. Me personally, I’m not turning into inspector gadget for nobody.


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