Love (less)

I can’t help it. I really just can’t. I have this brutally blunt honest issue that often makes people’s mouths drop. When I do things sincerely and heartfelt you’ll know. The same goes when I don’t care and I just stare at you blankly waiting to find out what exactly was the reaction you thought you’d get. I’m great at shutting shit down. It’s a skill I’ve beyond mastered. A lot of people struggle with the word no, I on the other hand struggle to say yes. I love the word no, negative, not happening, take your picking.

When people try and “guilt” trip me into something or try and get some sort of sympathetic reaction from there, you’re screwed. Better phrased, they’re fucked. I have very little to no guilt and very little to no sympathy. Sure, call me a sociopath, or tell me I have tendencies or traits, whatever, ask me if I actually care.  Hell call me loveless because I really have very little love. The thing is, there are situations that merit empathy or sympathy. But when you’re trying to play psychological warfare with me and you have an angle, I sniffed you 6 blocks away and I’m on to you, the answer is no like Meghan Trainor. No love lost.



I’m super honest with my friends, I suppose I am fortunate to have friends left. But who wants to be lied to? If you want to be deceived or lied to or told shit will be okay, you’ve tuned into the wrong channel. Everything will not always be okay, shit won’t always get better, in fact sometimes it will get even worse before it gets better. Whether I’m honest with a client that your screwed, or honest to a friend I feel like people need that.

Being removed from emotions in all seriousness allows people like me to make decisions that people that can’t separate their emotions can’t do. Like fire people without feeling bad, or taking on a case that is emotional in nature and being neutral. In business this is crucial. Sometimes you need some soul in you, but some decisions have to be made for the sake of business. As the saying goes.. It’s not personal it’s business.


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