That’s where the money goes..

I woke up this morning wondering where my Tesla was and then I realized as I logged into Navient, Oh! That’s right I don’t have one but I owe the equivalent to Navient. Sometimes, I can’t lie I log in to merely punish myself and ask myself all of the things I could’ve done differently in my life, like grow weed, excuse me marijuana, been a pimp like Heidi Fleiss, (a madam) among a million other lives I could’ve chosen. But like millions of other sheeps, I chose an education. I’m not bashing education by any means, I think it’s crucial to learn and to succeed. There are also on the flip side plenty of entrepreneurs that could spank a college grad any day with their un-college real life education and business smarts that were not taught behind books or an institute merely learned by trial and error and innate. I have a huge dislike for Navient, and the Mae’s. I can’t lie, I think its utter legal robbery that even after they’ve buried and burned your ass they still sometimes come after you. I read a story a while ago about some poor unfortunate kid that had student loans and met his untimely demise and despite this, can you guess who was knocking on the parents door? The Mae’s were, wanting to get payment for these forsaken loans.

I always wanted to go to law school and the more I talk to all of the attorneys in my life including the ones that have been paying loans since the dinosaurs roamed, the more I opt and lean towards a Master’s in anything. The thought of even jumping into owing an invisible mortgage honestly doesn’t sound appealing in the least. I know there is more money to be made, but like everything in life there’s a price to pay. You pay one devil to trade off with another devil.. The hilarity in the student loan payment rule about 120 payment to me was when I flipped over my statement. After 120 payments my loans are forgiven, yeah that’s because based on their calculation I’ll have paid at least the balance plus about 20k on top of it. Nice one, well played..

When I played MASH as a kid I know I never wanted the Shack, but at the rate the education system is going, I might as fucking well live in one. Here Sallie, take it all, I don’t need a dime, don’t worry about my inability to eat. I could lose a few pant sizes. Bitch.


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