Train Story..

You may not realize how much you hear or rather overhear on a train. From broken hearts, to cheating spouses. When I first moved to New York, I was enraptured by everyone on the train. Every person, had a story of some kind, a single mom traveling with her kids after a long day at work, etc. That captivity has since worn out. I recently saw a hilarious meme that reminded me of some of the things I’ve heard since I moved to New York. You wouldn’t normally over hear stories like these because in places like Florida, because you drive everywhere, your not forced to have so much human contact and in such close quarters.


I’m not nosy by any means but sometimes, you really can’t help hearing some person’s life’s strife. One of the craziest stories came one day at about 3:00 a.m. in Jackson Heights right outside my window. It was a group of guys that of course out of all windows decided to have an entire pow wow beneath the first floor window. One of the guys was talking about his girlfriend and how she had sisters. Then he proceeded to discuss how he was cheating on his girlfriend with her sister. Of course his choice of words were much more colorful than mine, but I remember my jaw just hitting the pillow. First, I was disgusted with the pig doing this, but then I was upset for the sister. In reality the person that owes anyone the respect is the sister. Who knows what came of that circle, maybe they made Fox 5 news or their the latest snap episode. My favorite are the stories about so called friends, I just want to be a friend and say, they’re not your friend boo boo. Your friend did or said what? No honey, no. I’m thankful I can be that friend to my friends and that in turn I have friends that are honest enough to tell me to go fuck myself when I need to. That my friends is real friendship.

All I know is sometimes  I hear wayyyy too much of others conversations and I swear I didn’t even want to know, I’m just an innocent bystander.. trying to get home.


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