I opted to check out today’s daily prompt. Today’s was interestingly, abandoned. I think back to the many people I have known through out my life and realize that this word is the embodiment of so many emotions. Most people if they have not been abandoned have a fear of being abandoned. It’s a huge part of the psychology behind why people sometimes hold on to a bad relationship. Because they feel like it’s better than being alone. The word alone means a lot of different things to different people. In fact, I love being alone. I would sooner be the abandoner then the abandonee.  (Yes, I know those words are made up.)

I relish the peace of my own thoughts, but I recognize that not everyone likes this sense of solitude. Solitude and being alone is frightening to people for a number of reasons. One being they have to be alone with themselves. A lot of people can’t handle that sort of mental exercise of coping with the thoughts that fly through their mind, the issues that you now have time to reflect on. Because that’s what time on your hand and solitude do, they give you time to hear yourself and focus on your thoughts.

Abandon doesn’t only tie to relationships like love and friendships. It also shapes the approach that we take to life in general, whether we will cease a project mid way, out of other mitigating factors like a lack of commitment. At the end of the day, the word abandoned is a word that plays an enormous role in the everyday life of people from childhood to adulthood. My significant other describes my mother’s departure as abandonment.  I was an adult when my mother decided to remove herself from her life and move away without a word until after her departure. I was about 24. To me, it’s not abandonment. I am okay with her decision, however I also make a conscientious decision not to entertain it either.  Abandonment doesn’t always have to be affiliated with dark connotations. Sometimes, walking away from people, circumstances, responsibilities, etc is not a bad thing. The only thing we can never abandon in a life full of mystery and ever changing circumstances is our will to hope. Hope is what keeps us from despair. Without that all else is truly abandoned..


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