A BFF Named Karma..

I already admitted previously that I’m a Capricorn. I also admit that although I don’t entirely believe in astrology, I would be a bold faced liar to deny that anything they say about Capricorns doesn’t apply to me, because it clearly was written about me and people alike. Just like a coin, there are two sides to every single one. One of my long standing relationships in life is with Karma. I do believe that you reap what you sow, and that everything in life will always come full circle. I try not to do evil in the world, I am ruthless to those who merit it. I will always fight battles that are not always my own but have cause. But I would again be lying if I didn’t tell you that I love Karma, especially when I see her in action. I want to secretly High Five her and make her my new bestie. Case in point..

A few months ago when it was still sorta snowy, sorta rainy I was walking to the train. Maybe I haven’t adequately expressed, I’m a weirdo. There’s no way around that. I don’t really like people that much. I know it makes no sense since I’m living in a city with about 21908430283028340 people in it. I get it. Long story short, I was happily diddy bopping to my earbuds trucking along to get to the train. Turns out it wasn’t my train. I wasn’t blocking the doors, I wasn’t standing in the way but off to the side. All of a sudden this woman comes running down the stairs and plows me. Pause. My first instinct was to shove her ass into the train. That really wasn’t necessary. I have thoughts like this all the time 300 miles a minute I can decipher a situation and have 30 thoughts about how I’m going to proceed in seconds.

So after this woman shoves me, apparently as a result of the slushy wetness from outside, she loses her grip falls right on her ass. The doors had already slammed shut. It was like simultaneous, doors shut she literally breaks her ass. She stares around from the floor. Amused, me being the victim of her pushing, I just glare at her. And it’s moments like this that I know I have a secret BFF named Karma who I love dearly. No I really didn’t trip her, although the thought was not lost on me.

If you’ve ever watched brain games on National Geographic, you may have seen the experiment where they had someone shoved and insulted before setting someone up for an experiment. The person that was shoved had to decided what level of spice to feed the person. The level ranged from spice to death. Want to take a guess what most people chose for the douche bag that shoved and insulted them? It’s human nature to be a  little vengeful. Of course I could’ve been the “bigger person” and helped her off the floor, but no thanks. I opted to leave her ass right where she was, so maybe next time she’ll think twice to shove people around and run after a train that is about to leave, when there’s another one right behind it.


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