Money is the root..

They say money is the root of all evil, I’m already evil in nature so what the hell is the difference in adding money to that equation. I can’t deny and say I don’t love money because I do. If I had to choose between a $20,000 Hermes Birkin and a relationship or marriage.. to the left, to the left like Beyonce. Everyone has a price you see, I don’t care how much you want to battle me on that one. I’m sure someone out there will want to contend that money doesn’t make them happy. Great, congrats I’d love to hear what made you feel fulfilled.

Whether you’d sell your own mother for a million, or sell a kidney for $30,000. Almost everyone has a price of some sort and given the right circumstances you too would sell your soul to the proverbial devil. That devil whether its a corporation, an individual, you catch my drift. Tell me you would seriously turn down a job offer for $800,000 guaranteed even if it meant some compromise?

The difference is I’m open about my price. For a $700,000 a year job I would likely sell you my mother and buy a new mother, just like that. Some of my favorite memes are about just that money. Like the ” Money can’t buy you happiness. But somehow its much more comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bicycle.”


Very true.. I haven’t had the luxury of crying in a Ferrari yet but I have cried on a bicycle and its not very comfortable nor private.  Some people will argue that money doesn’t equal happiness, to this I say have you paid your rent with love this month? Oh Mr. Landlord, here is a check drafted from my love! Try it, I dare you, let me know where that got you. Have you paid your electric bill with hugs or love? Another dare, your ass will be eating by candle light quicker than Kim Kardashian’s 72 hour marriage. I always hung out with older people, I loved that because they had a lot of wit and experience to add to my life. So when I was like 19 I had 20 something, 30 something year old friends. Money is not off this topic of the pearls of wisdom they left me with whether directly or indirectly.

Let me clarify something, I’m not after anyone’s money but my own. That’s my personal position. It may seem materialistic it may seem cold and it is but it’s also a largess part of who I am. True to my sign as a Capricorn I love status, power and of course money. Those three things are intertwined. When you want to go to school or make any decision lets be frank, you need money to do it. A lot of us are restricted by our inability to make a decision because we are not financially able to. I am no different in this regard, but I am aggressive enough to keep moving and getting closer to my own financial demands. Most of our lives are surrounded by decisions that are either inhibited by lack of money, or supplemented with an abundant amount of money. I prefer to have an abundant amount of money so that I’m not limited and that’s what I’m working towards.



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