Own it…

Society has a lot of expectations or theories on how we need to act, what we need to wear or our expected “roles.” I respect the opinions and positions of others, agree to disagree. But more importantly, I respect people that own their quirks. If your a hoe, own your hoeness. If your an asshole, own your assholeness, I respect it. There is nothing else that pulls my chain than the type of person that is always trying to portray a good image but are really a disgraceful person when they think people aren’t looking. I can’t stand you. Stop trying to throw the rock and hide your hand. We see you with your hands full of mud. Just because people aren’t calling your bluff at every turn and corner doesn’t mean that adept people can’t see you for what you really are. People like me see it as clear as Vodka in a shot glass. Kim Kardashian is the pit of my venomous hatred for this exactly. You won’t catch me dead buying Kim K or Kardashian products contributing to their conglomerate. See Kim has fashion sense I give her that. But there’s the denial issue. Many years ago when her sex tape came out she bawled her eyes out about people associating her with just the sex tape. Many times after that she cried about the same thing. But even recently, can you tell me what she’s done? Taken more naked selfies. Listen mama, you can take all the naked selfies that you want, but stop trying to throw yourself a faux pity party woe is me, the people judge me, when you continue the same behavior that your tossing yourself a pity party for. In contrast, we have Mariah Lynn from Love and Hip Hop singing once upon a time I was a hoe.. 

Yes I admit it. I watch love and hip hop from time to time probably for the same reason most people do. You can’t look away from the train wreck. On the upside watching it usually makes you feel like your life isn’t so fucked up. Even when Britney Spears went off the rails I admit I couldn’t stop watching. 

Owning your mistakes, choices or decisions takes courage, which is why I respect it so much, good or bad. It’s hard to say  I’m wrong, its hard to say I fucked up, its hard to say this is a bad character flaw and I need to work on it. No one wants to look in the mirror to realize they’re a shitty person, some people don’t care but that’s an entirely different topic altogether. If your an addict or were an addict or even knew an addict, you know that one of the first things you have to do is admit you have a problem. That again is huge, its a part of the process of accepting responsibility and taking ownership of the beast (issue). No matter what or who you are, accept it. Those that don’t like it fuck em, their too small minded to even begin to understand you. People who love you will accept you for all your quirks good or bad. I’m super blessed to be accepted for the lunatic I am and I’m perfectly content with myself. I jump to conclusions from time to time from A to Z, I am ruthless towards people I don’t like or that messed with my loved ones, I have a foul mouth that would make sailors blush. Those that know me well know I have genuine intentions good or bad and that’s what counts. If I do something wrong I own it, accept responsibility and keep it pushing. I live to rebel against the expectations of others. I do what the fuck I want to do period. No apologies made no fucks given. Life is too short to try and fit yourself into a mold that isn’t you.  Be true to yourself and who you are.

This entire process of acceptance is fundamental to our growth as a person. How can you learn lessons if you don’t accept your truth? I don’t think we’re meant to be perfect, or to fit the expectations that others want to place on us, we are just meant to be and enjoy our journey while growing along the way.


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