The Taos of Parenting..

Parenting is one of the most exhausting jobs I’ve ever had. People paint this glorified picture of the joys of parenthood but no one likes to talk about how fucking hard it is. How you’ve had a long day of work and you know the kid means well but they won’t shut the fuck up ever. It’s like a constant diarrhea of the mouth going all day everyday.

Or the fact that you will never be alone ever, not even while trying to experience a bowel movement. It is great and kids are fun, loving, innocent etc but there’s three sides to any story mine, yours and the truth. Some people generally like being parents and I slow clap applaud them. To the parents that are afraid of speaking up you’re not alone. I know you have the thoughts of trading in your children from time to time, or other thoughts it doesn’t mean you don’t love your children, it just means your normal. Parenting doesn’t come with a how to guide. Your basically winging raising a life. That’s serious shit. It’s not like a plant where you get do overs. You can’t just forget to feed your child and oops do over! Extra water tomorrow for you to make up for today! It’s scary but also rewarding.

I have one child, and truthfully, I can’t imagine having more. I sometimes have that stupid aw the baby is beautiful I want a baby and then I travel through time like the Delorean on back to the future and think about what it took to raise my now 6 year old. It took a hell of a lot and still today takes ample sacrifice. You tend to sacrifice often times your own well being to make sure that your children are good. Their needs above your own.

I see often times on Instagram and other social networks the young girls of today, can I tell you? I’m scared shitless. These girls are 12 years old rocking full on contour makeup and looking like 20 year old’s its frightening. I think that’s the scariest part of parenting is there’s no direct answer. You can spend your life trying to raise a great person and wind up with a full on psychopath on your hands. You can’t control this life you’re trying to shape, the only thing that you can control is your influence and even that to a large degree is limited and that’s the scary part…. and the truth is that as your children grow, you never stop  worrying.. the worries just change…



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