Customer (Serv)ice

This morning, I opted to return to Starbucks after a long hiatus. I was such an avid Starbucks drinker I was earning gold status for years. No seriously, like 2017 status in 2015. By my office, there was this one special gem of a Starbucks. The people were amazing, the coffees were always made right, just your dream come true all around good service. They recently closed because like a lot of businesses around midtown Manhattan they’re either moving or closing. Losing that gem was heartbreaking, like a bad breakup and now I’m left with a less than mediocre option. So after a long hideaway from Starbucks, I decided this morning that I was in the mood for a banana loaf and a Soy Oprah Cinnamon Chai Latte.  Now let’s take a moment here.

Have you been shopping lately? Have you noticed the service you’ve been getting? I have, its pretty shitty. You walk to a register you have a teenager or adult who doesn’t give two shits about your purchase won’t make eye contact and is busy talking about their woes or parties and/or is ignoring you all together, or my fave texting and when you walk up your getting the look of death because you decided to make a purchase and interrupt their (VIT) Very Important Text. How selfish of you to interrupt these workers while they message! How dare you! I recently saw a meme that adequately summarized my feelings about customer service..

FullSizeRender (1)

That about sums it up. Listen, I’m not saying don’t text etc. But treat customers the way you want to be treated when you shop, buy, eat etc. Here we go again with the term courtesy. I don’t think it’s really that hard. I’ve worked since I was 15, there was nothing that I didn’t do well even if I was making $4 an hour bagging groceries. I took out the groceries and packed it just the same for the person who would tip me $1 as the old lady that would tip me .25 cents. Now if you were an asshole, then maybe you’d get home and find your eggs scrambled before breakfast but that’s your problem for being a dick.

Now lets go back to Starbucks. I finally return to Starbucks like the Return of the Jedi. I order my coffee and wait.. because this particular location is #1 slow, #2 rude, #3 always forgetting to give you your entire order. I get my coffee about 10 minutes after ordering which is not that serious, but what drove me kookoo cachoo is where is my bread? Are they making it? I’m about to be late to work. So I not rudely ask if I can please just have my bread and I’ll warm it at work so I’m not late. I hear the girl by the oven make some remark, but I didn’t catch it. It’s okay I gave the girl in front of me the deadpan mastered evil look. I wasn’t being rude. All I’m saying is hand me my bread so I can go. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes in a near empty store. If your packed I’m clear, if you’re not what are we waiting for? Jesus to come down and part the seas for you?

Listen, working with people is hard and sometimes its shitty. All I’m saying is if you hate your fucking job, find a new one. Don’t punish me or any of the other paying customers because you hate your miserable little fucking life. There are plenty of unemployed people that would happily take your job and do it. Because at the end of the day no matter how bad, someone out there wants that money more than you do and their willing to do what they have to do to get it.



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